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We can provide a custom battery charger solution that will completely satisfy the design criteria when a stocked battery charger solution will not address the requirements of an application. Because of our extensive industry experience and dedicated team of experts, custom tailored charging solutions will be identified, developed, and delivered.

If the need is for an independent, single position charger or a multi-position gang charger, providing a design in the necessary form factor can be easily accomplished. Utilization of standard enclosures or creating a new molded design for a unique appearance are different options available to our customers.

Some applications require an embedded charge design. Including the charge circuitry on the same circuit board as battery management / protection is easily accomplished during the layout / design phases of custom charger designs. Providing ‘open frame’ (no enclosure) solutions for easy assembly into end products by the OEM is another available option.

Regardless of specific needs, from straightforward requirements to those with complex specifications, we will deliver a battery charger that will safely and effectively charge lithium ion, NiMH, or lead acid batteries for the most demanding markets.

Battery charger requirement sheet

Thank you in advance for providing details on your battery / charger application. It is our standard policy to qualify the application before development to ensure the battery / charger is suitable solutions for the project at hand. Please provide as much information about the application as possible.

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Nominal pack capacity:
Desired run time:
Expected cycle life:
Desired charge time:
Average discharge rate / duration:
Max / pulse discharge rate / duration:
Charge / discharge / storage temperature:
Humidity range:
Physical configuration of pack:
Maximum dimensions of battery pack:
Fuel gauge requirement: yes no
Battery low voltage cutoff mechanism within end product: yes no
Thermistor included: yes no
Maximum weight of battery pack:
Battery enclosure (enclosure, shrink wrap, etc.):
Output termination (connector, wire length, etc.):
If using an injection molded enclosure, do you require mechanical design assistance: yes no
Custom labeling requirements:
Other special requirements for the pack: