Power Electronics Design Engineer

Job posted on : 09/19/2018

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • To be able to work in teams alongside other members in order to develop prototypes and proof of concepts (PoC)
  • Knowledge to handle power electronics, components, circuits, modules and test equipments.
  • To Design, develop, validate, evaluate and debug electronic circuits for high power battery chargers, motor controllers, inverters, SMPS and LED Drivers.
  • To work in order to improve performance and efficiency of the product and production.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills and should pay attention to details.
  • Should exhibit reasonable leadership and management skills especially when driving teams to accomplish tasks.
  • Must be comfortable in taking pressure to deliver, keeping in mind the cost parameters and client preferences.
  • Ability to source the right components for design based on cost, availability and reliability.
  • Desire to learn emerging technologies and flair to implement those in new designs.
  • Education and Experience:
  • Bachelors / Masters Degree in Electronics & Communication.
  • A Minimum of  4 years of relevant industry experience
  • Exposure to management practices followed in successful multinational companies
  • Single stage, Two Stage EMI Noise Filters
  • DCM, CCM, CrM Power Factor Correction topologies.
  • Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, Flyback, Forward Converter, LLC, Half Bridge, Full bridge topologies
  • Control loop design, stabilizing and verifying by Bode plots.
  • Ability to Prepare detailed specifications, drawings, schematics, Bill of materials and test data.
  • To have competency in building prototype of designed circuits. Create test procedures to verify, validate, evaluate and debug them.
  • Competency to build Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to qualify the product during production
  • Must possess thorough knowledge of UL, CE, IEC, IEEE, EU and EN standards and ensure products meet necessary standards.
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