DC - DC converter

DC - DC converter

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Many applications and industries are presented with a unique power control challenge needed to drive a sophisticated electrical system for tomorrow’s technology. Our power control are specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial and commercial power electronics manufacturers, today and tomorrow – reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively

Our wide range of advanced, digital controller products are all designed inhouseto the very highest quality standards. You’ll find our power control products suitable for use around the world, in everything from wind and solar energy systems to transportation and industrial manufacturing equipment.

DC - DC converter design is a complex and demanding discipline that can quickly use up time, resources, and money from OEMs attempting to do it in-house to save money or increase efficiency. It also often calls for expensive knowledge upgradation on new / upcoming technologies which can delay product development and time to market introduction. For almost two decades, people have come to us / dependent upon us to supply them with proven state of art power controls and power conversion products and subsystems for a wide range of industries and applications.

Power electronics OEMs with unique or challenging needs, we offer a wide variety of cost-efficient custom solutions based on our reliable, proven, standard platforms to deliver customized controls as well as complete power solutions at a less-than-custom price. By simply modifying interface hardware, control algorithms, and/or communication protocols, we can provide a power electronics solution perfectly matched to your specific requirement. Why struggle with trying to build your own custom power system? We can provide the best possible solution faster and more cost-effectively than a “from scratch” design.

We can offer a variety of bi-directional, DC/DC converter solutions for energy storage and conversion applications. These products can be combined with a suitable embedded controller and designed specifically for OEMs / System Integrators. They can be easily integrated into any system. If required, desired parameters can be communicate directly with client’s controller via CAN or Modbus, and provide all high speed, power control functions internally.