EV Charger

Worldwide there is lot of push to accept e-Mobility infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions. As automotive OEMs developing electric vehicles there is also need for vehicle charging infrastructure. Hynetic offer EV charger (AC type), which can be installed on smart pole, office building or public parking spaces and many more. Its compact in size, easy to install & convenient to maintain

Emergency Response

Save our Soul-SOS facility a panic button which is being used in emergency situations to get in touch with integrated command and control center for required help to get over the situation. Hynetic offer SOS solution with 2 way communication & live video call with victim to get more understanding of the problem.

Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting is used to facilitate synchronization of indoor lights to natural circadian rhythms and helps improve productivity and mood of occupants. Light appearance stimulates us and influences our activity levels. Human Centric Lighting solutions will help to prevent sleeping disorders, enhance concentration and improve our overall well-being. Hynetic offer diversified range of Human Centric Lighting solutions for your better lifestyle.

Smart Parking

Smart parking resolves urban congestion. Fishing for parking space can create stress resulting in lesser work efficiency. Smart parking is about providing solutions to drivers to seamlessly find a parking spot and securely park their vehicles with the aide of sensor based technologies.

Hynetic Smart parking solutions are designed for optimized parking, reduced traffic, reduced pollution, enhanced driver experience, real time data that covers swift payments (POS) with security.

Smart Grid

In a digital era, making way for a two side communication between utility and their customers is "smart grid". A host of products are offered by Hynetic in the form of gateways, communication node for AMR and attendant smart grid solutions. Our solutions embed into them smartness which encourage use of renewables for "Smart Campus" facilitating net metering plus provision of framework to integrate demand side response technologies that reduce strain on grid during peak demand.

Smart Surveillance

Security and surveillance is most critical & important thing for every city to keep people safe with reliable & convenient infrastructure. Hynetic offers cameras equipped with AI built-in + Edge computing capabilities with multiple functionalities.

Roof Top Solar Monitoring

Solar renewable energy usage supports eco-friendly initiative. Users who installed rooftop solar system should be monitored continuously for better performance & efficiency. Hynetic offers solar rooftop monitoring system and Features as below

Public Advertising

Public Advertising with LED screens is catching attention of passersby instantly, while promoting desired message or content. Public Advertising screens displays specific content at designated times. Shuffling of messages can be done for advertising targeted to specific crowd. Content of Public Advertising displays can be operated remotely through wireless technology.

Air Quality Monitoring

Hynetic offers an extensive range of best in class Environmental Monitoring System capable of assisting city municipalities to keep in check and control pollution levels anywhere in the city. Data will help corelate overall health of public to air quality metrics. Will also provide insight into quality of life indices and productivity of general population. Hynetic’ s Smart web application help to log data in required format for further analysis & record purpose. Sensing parameters - CO, CO2, NO, NO2, NH4, PM2.5, PM10, O3, O2 , CH4, Cl2 , Noise Level, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure etc.