The traditional approach to security has been conventional CCTV monitoring. This technology is ready for innovation, moving it from a tool for "post-mortem" analysis to a real-time disaster management tool. The advent of powerful GPU based data processing architectures capable of running computer vision algorithms enables real time security solutions. This solution ranges from flagging of abnormal activities, to accurate detection of weapons linked to law enforcement systems for prompt action in averting untoward instances.

Smart Surveillance

Smart surveillance for homes involves the use of computer vision algorithms along with deep learning frameworks to constantly improve the accuracy of scene and object detection. This technology further facilitates optimization of resource consumption based on scene analysis to meet sustainability goals.

Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are capable of providing keyless entry and providing state of the art access control. They facilitate convenience through connectivity and flexibility with a number of advanced features.

Facial Recognition

Use of advanced edge computing frameworks allows the use of facial recognition software in real time for various smart surveillance implementations.


In this day and age, connectivity is the key to a smart and comfortable life. Hynetic strives to provide innovative connectivity solutions for enabling easy control of common household devices. Hynetic's connectivity technology uses various frameworks to facilitate direct connectivity of end devices to a cloud server and provide users the luxury of controlling them from their phones or laptops through mobile applications or web applications.

Human Centric Lighting

CCT stands for Correlated Color Temperature and defines the perceived color of the light like warm white, neutral white and cool white color. Hynetic is using CCT changing mechanism in bulb solution for different color appearance in bulb to facilitate synchronization of indoor lights to natural circadian rhythms and helps improve productivity and mood of occupants.

Smart Color/Mood Lighting

RGB - Red, Green & Blue colors are mixed together at different intensities to produce millions of different colors. User can get any color from RGB as per their choice or mood. Hynetic offers 16 million colors in one RGB bulb. Features

Smart Fan

By considering smart home automation, Smart Fan can do more than regular fans with added utilities like LED light, Alarm & other smart features followed by remote monitoring & controlling operations for better convenience.

Smart Plug

Smart Plug solution is a wireless hardware device which can be integrated with standard Wall Socket to allow user to Turn-On or Turn-Off any devices remotely.

Smart Switch Plate

Smart Switch Plates solutions are modular switch plates with sensitive capacitive touch points that replaces conventional toggle switch which can be mounted on the wall. It’s a glass touch panel which is safe from electric shock, attractive and compatible with your room interiors. It also supports Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control operations.


The united nations SDG 11 calls for action to build sustainable cities and communities. With the projected growth of human population and rising economies, sustainability must start at every household. Hynetic’s mission is to innovate and manufacture reliable and affordable technology solutions for a connected, energy efficient home. Smart sensing and control algorithms allow for efficient use of resources to foster sustainable growth.

Smart Air Conditioner Control

Air conditioning systems consume a significant share of energy in buildings. Embedding smart connectivity and control to Air Conditioners can make them energy efficient. Hynetic offers unique solutions that can leverage on existing infrastructure to optimize their energy efficiency through smart control. Traditional air conditioners can be controlled though local remote with limited basic features. Hynetic offers Smart Air Conditioner solution with added features to increase the efficiency utility.

Smart Water Flow Monitoring

Fresh water is a scarce resource and managing it effectively is a herculean task for all the mega cities of the world. Smart water flow monitoring solutions can provide real time notifications of wasted water. The ability to further control water flow at the source in residential and commercial buildings can prevent large amount of fresh water being wasted as a result of a leaky tap or a broken pipe.


Taking connectivity a step further, Hynetic facilitates greater convenience by connecting unconventional gadgets to the internet. Connectivity technology combined with smart machine learning algorithms are capable of learning usage patterns to create comfortable homes. This may range from solutions that learn the most comfortable temperature profile for the house at different times of the day to a smart water heater that can preset the right water temperature for individual preference.

Smart Water Heater

Conventional electric or gas water heaters are inefficient given their tendency to overheating of water with waste of power resources and other parasitic losses. These inefficiencies are resolved by Hynetic’ s Smart Water Heater solution with help of remotely monitoring & controlling operations of heater.

Home Assistant Integration

Integrating voice commands for smart home is at the epicenter of convenience. All smart home offerings seamlessly integrate with smart speakers to leverage on their capabilities of natural language processing to decipher and implement voice activated commands to control various aspects of the smart home. This feature extends from turning on lights to changing the speed of the fan or setting the temperature on your water heater.