Senior Application Engineer / Team Lead

Job posted on : 09/26/2018

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • In this critical stage of growth, we are looking for a highly motivated individual to take charge of streamlining processes and managing the explosive growth in a controlled manner. We are on the cusp of an extensive plan to grow globally this year, while also significantly expanding our customer base within India. To that effect, we are in need of systems and best practices to document all aspects of a project and effectively manage the resources within the company. Essentially to bring about changes bordering frontier technologies in the space of embedded hardware, firmware and validation practices. Besides being able to contemplate and configure architectures that are technically superior and commercially viable keeping in mind scalability depending on market dynamics. Thus, we expect our Senior Application Engineer/ Team Lead to take ownership and lead the following efforts within the company:
  • The candidate must have worked on at least one IoT based project.
  • In the area of development, the responsibilities would include hardware(embedded), development of firmware and subsequent validation
  • Ability to define detailed system architectures that are scalable and which satisfies customers’ technical and commercial needs
  • To critically draft architectures, and create documents such as user manuals, test plans, product data sheets, aid and develop marketing collaterals including product demonstration to clients.
  • To Conceive and prepare engineering efforts estimation, deciding man-hours typically during the phase of new project acquisitions.
  • To prepare technical and test procedures, also to aid and advice for smooth conductance of manufacturing process.
  • Expected to be a natural leader in guiding team members in areas of their expertise and mobilize team to stretch their imagination as well its boundaries.
  • Take lead role in structuring workflow for team members, besides taking absolute ownership on team performance (Deliverable).
  • Must carry flair for adopting new and emerging technologies in current products and future product roadmap. Possess the coordination skill to bring together cross functional teams within the team as and when required.
  • To take up the role of interfacing with management and work on company priorities.
  • To be available for travel within India and Abroad for business reasons.
  • To clearly and effectively communicate with subordinates, peers and superiors both oral and written communication.
Education and Experience:
  • Bachelors / Masters Degree in Electronics & Communication.
  • A Minimum of 4 years of relevant industry experience
  • Exposure to management practices followed in successful multinational companies
  • Modular
  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable

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