Technical Program Manager

Job posted on : 09/26/2018

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • In this critical stage of growth, we are looking for a highly motivated individual to take charge of streamlining processes and managing the explosive growth in a controlled manner. We are on the cusp of an extensive plan to grow globally this year, while also significantly expanding our customer base within India. To that effect, we are in need of systems and best practices to document all aspects of a project and effectively manage the resources within the company. Additionally, as an obvious next step to establishing a mature product portfolio, we would like to double our efforts in terms of business development activities and bridging the gap between the S&M (Sales and Marketing) team and the technical team. Thus, we expect our technical program manager to take ownership and lead the following efforts within the company:
  • Lead a project tracking mechanism to help the executive team to understand progress on various deliverables
  • Work with sales team to identify the monetary potential of various projects in the pipeline
  • Work with the executive management in defining a sustainable strategy vision to ensure continued growth of the company
  • Define priorities for various projects to help technical team allocate resources internally for deliverables. Priorities must be defined based on monetary potential and alignment with company strategy
  • Track various aspects of a project under development using a standard project management tool
  • Facilitate clear communication between teams, namely, S&M, Biz Dev, Tech - Power, Tech - Embedded and Tech - Manufacturing
  • Create a framework to report resource utilization and facilitate resource planning to formalize a hiring process
  • Assist R&D team in engineering talent acquisition activities, and participate in sourcing and interviewing talent
  • Engage and build relationships with new and prospective customers in India and abroad
  • Understand customer requirements and determine ways to engage in a beneficial partnership by adding new projects to the existing pipeline. New projects must be in sync with corporate strategy and provide a clear ROI
  • Draft project proposals and work with technical team to quantify parameters such as cost to company, man hours, project development timeline and manufacturability if applicable within scope of project
  • Assist marketing team in generation of digital/physical content such as brochures, technical data sheets, case studies and technical presentations
  • Pitch in as needed in any other aspect of the product development lifecycle
  • Willingness to travel locally and internationally as needed, for business development activities, including representation of the company at trade shows
Education and Experience:
  • Masters degree in Science or Management
  • At Least 3-5 years of relevant industry experience
  • Exposure to management practices followed in successful multinational companies
  • Proficiency in Software Management frameworks such as GitHub or SVN
  • Proficiency in project management tools such as Microsoft Project or similar
  • Good knowledge of ERP and CRM frameworks, and an ability to implement such tools
  • Understanding of technology frameworks such as PoE, PLCC, IOT Connectivity, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Computer Vision, AI/ML.
  • Ability to have a highly technical conversation in the field of embedded systems, power electronics and web/mobile application development
  • Highly proficient in developing coherent and concise documentation
  • Ability to interpret various export regulations and relevant certification processes required for global expansion of product portfolio
  • Good presentation skills for effective business development within and outside India
  • Modular
  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable

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Hynetic is pioneer in development of Power, Embedded and Wireless products. We believe in "Together we win" model. By connecting world's leading technologies, we offer cost effective, value added and best in class products.

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