Embedded & Power Product Development

We offer the full range of services for fast development of a finished electronics solution, starting from elaborating a concept and creating a device prototype up to testing the samples delivered from production factories and standard compliance certification. Our Product development process features the following services during the different stages of a product lifecycle:

  • Conceptualization
  • Requirement specification definition
  • Prototyping
  • Architectural design
  • System-level design
  • Hardware and software development
  • Module integration and testing
  • Documentation
  • Product Release
  • Post Development Support
Embedded Systems
Wirless Systems

Wireless Product Development

At Hynetic, we design modern devices based on microprocessors, systems-on-chip (SoC), FPGA, DSP and MCU. Our extensive experience in developing hardware systems enables us to provide high quality services of developing on-demand OEM modules for embedded systems. Hynetic offers the following services:

  • On-demand device development using SoC technology
  • Project system analysis: vision, targeting, functionality project
  • Device specification elaboration
  • Circuit diagram design, electrical scheme design
  • PCB layout design
  • MCU, FPGA, DSP firmware development
  • Development and manufacturing of a complete hardware solution
  • Custom IP core development, IP design, IP cores integration
  • Analog integrated circuit (IC) design
  • Reference board production, verification and testing
  • Technical documentation support
  • Quality control of production samples

Software/Firmware Development

We build applications that generate revenue using the latest in web and mobile technologies. Our approach is different than most, because we take the time to learn your business inside-and-out before we make a single technology choice. The end product is just a means for making your business more intelligent, more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

  • Embedded Applications Development
  • Device Driver development for various I/O devices
  • Porting of Operating Systems for various embedded systems
  • Development and porting of Networking Protocol Stacks
  • Developing BSPs (Board Support Packages) for various microcontroller and microprocessor families
  • Custom embedded and RT Linux distributions for a target platform
  • Firmware development
  • Implementation of modern Industrial protocols (MODBUS, MODBUS PLUS, EIB, PROFIBUS, TCP/IP etc) and interfaces (USB, CAN, I2C, SPI, Ethernet, RS485 etc)
  • Verification test suites developmen
  • Performance tuning
  • Embedded and RT Linux Porting Solutions
  • Product engineering services
  • Porting, migration and re-engineering Services
Post Development Services

Post Development Services

Hynetic helps software providers meet the challenge of ongoing software maintenance and support with a range of services designed to substantially lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels:

  • Maintenance Engineering Services
  • Creation and distribution of Service packs including install and uninstall capabilities, specific to a software release, OS and hardware platform
  • Hardware re-engineering for cost reduction, component replacement or design flaws
  • Bug fixes, patches and enhancements
  • Regression testing: Test to qualify a product for general release across all supported hardware and software platforms
  • Supporting Documentation for all the above activities

Technical Consulting

Hynetic offers technical consulting which complement the product development services. Our qualified team of analysts and engineers will form a technical and a commercial project proposal upon your request. We provide full range of services from Consulting, Implementation, Integration, Data Migration, Sustenance and Up-gradation. Technical consulting in:

  • Project analysis
  • Development of Technical and Commercial project base
  • Choosing suitable platform
  • Selection of Development Tools
  • Selection of Operating System
  • Electronic components
Technical Consulting
  • Modular
  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable

About Company

Hynetic is pioneer in development of Power, Embedded and Wireless products. We believe in "Together we win" model. By connecting world's leading technologies, we offer cost effective, value added and best in class products.

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